Welcome To Amlex

Amlex is a renowned provider of advanced application development and manufacturing solutions for precision and complex mechanical and electro-mechanical components and assemblies.

By focusing on emerging technologies in the industries we serve, Amlex has positioned itself to provide our customers with high quality solutions to their most demanding requirements by exploiting our core competencies in high precision stamping, electroplating & insert moulding capabilities in the interconnect and semiconductor industries.


We work with our customers to meet a plethora of their manufacturing and design needs from product conception, design, prototyping & chemical process development to mass manufacturing.


We produce precision electro-mechanical and mechanical parts in automotive, high powered LED for automotive, semiconductor, interconnect packaging, consumer & industrial electronics such as motion control sensor and navigational sensor, optoelectronics sensors, MEMS in sound solutions, medical and LED markets.


Our Electroplating processes form the backbone of our core competencies, offering customers a plethora of high-end electroplating alternatives. They are :

  1. High-end automotive high power LEDs with high reflectivity in lighting / illumination.
  2. High-end application to prevent high voltage surge in Optocouplers.
  3. Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 (MSL 1) with Copper Surface Roughening process.
  4. Selective plating areas to eliminate magnetism effect from function dap area of package.
  5. Plating on plastics for functional purposes such as silver and silver chloride coating on medical products.
  6. Ni & Ag plating on ceramic substrate.