About Amlex

Manufacturing Facilities & Capabilities

Amlex's modern manufacturing facilities include a broad range of production equipment which offers a wide array of production capabilities and state of the art technologies on the production floor and tooling department. Our experienced staff of designers, engineers and production personnel is fully trained to build customers products according to specifications.

Our production floor is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery such as vertical reel-to-reel electroplating machines. These machines are capable of operating both in continuous mode and step-and-repeat cycle and at the same time maintaining tolerances as small as 75 microns.

Our Bruderer Stamping presses are also capable of producing high precision stamped parts with tight tolerance and precision pitch control.

Our moulding division enables product offerings and capabilities in product design, prototyping and process development for precision electro-mechanical and mechanical parts and assemblies in the automotive, consumer and industrial electronics, telecommunications, imaging, printing and medical sectors.

We also provide turnkey manufacturing of custom interconnects, semiconductor packages and power module equipment to fulfill a range of demanding applications.

Our core manufacturing capabilities include precision progressive stamping, insert injection molding, precision reel to reel and piece part electroplating. We also provide backend process which includes cropping and down-setting. Last but not least all parts would be subjected to normal or auto sorting prior to shipment.

A global network of sales and service offices provides quick response to our customers’ needs at all times.