Its undeniably true that the Semiconductor Industry serves as a driver, enabler and indicator of technological progress. Developments in the industry do determine the way we work, transport ourselves, communicate, entertain ourselves and respond to our environment.

Semiconductor usage is so prevalent in our ordinary lives such as in the cars we drive, the phones we use to communicate with, the electronic gadgets which we utilise to watch movies, listen to music and play games on, the devices we use to monitor our health and connect our homes and the planes used to transport us. Also, as the global industrial and manufacturing economy continues to modernise and mature, increased automation on the factory and shop floors which ultimately is facilitated by these tiny integrated circuits called semiconductors is inevitable.

The increased inter-connectivity of things such as Internet of Things (IoT) is a positive for the semiconductor industry because it creates a new market for chip consumption.

Semiconductor Parts and Products

Amlex is one of the leading semiconductor manufacturers for a diverse line-up of customers using etching and stamping processes using refined state-of-the-art design and manufacturing. We have in-depth experience in leadframe design and manufacture for an array of different customers. We are also equipped with a high precision molding capability to cater to processes that need pre-moulding such as some I/C packages.

The types of leadframes manufactured in Amlex are SO packages (TSSOP, SSOP, MSOP, SOIC etc), micro packages, QFP, PLCC, PDIP, QFP etc. To enhance the packages with higher reliability, our CR-1 (Copper Surface Roughening) takes the MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) to a higher level. In short, we are the one-stop solution provider to our customers.