Industrial and Aerospace

The global Aerospace & Defense industry is experiencing tremendous transformation. Travel demand, new technologies, and security threats are fueling increase in aircraft production, defense budgets, and the expansion of the global supply chain.

Radical improvements in operating efficiency, advanced avionics and impressive interior cabin designs and noise reduction capabilities are all driving increased customer demand. But the wider use of composites, advanced manufacturing technology requirements and conversion to new electrical systems are also rapidly changing the way aircraft are manufactured and creating challenges across the supply chain as the supply base struggles to make the changes necessary to keep up with aircraft OEM demands.

Optocouplers are electronic devices used to protect components that require low voltage inputs. Growing demand for automotive and industrial optocouplers has fueled the growth of optocoupler market.

Industrial and Aerospace Parts and Products

Amlex is one of the main suppliers of two market leaders of the world's optocoupler manufacturers. In general, the base materials require complex forming on top of stamping and plating processes. With years of experience in optocoupler base material manufacturing, our know-how will make the optocoupler achieve the highest standard and quality.